Tattoo Removal Packages

Candela Alex TriVantage Q-Switched Laser

This is a specialised laser used for Tattoo Removal using Photo-Acoustic technology. The laser has 2 wavelength options to address a full range of colours. 


  • Alexandrite Laser 755nm
  • Nd:YAG Laser 1064nm
  • KTP Laser 532nm

Only very light colours such as white and pink can be difficult to treat. 

Our therapist Leah will arrange a telephone consultant with you if necessary and plan your first appointment for treatment. 

Anaesthetic cream is applied on the day of treatment. Cool air from a medical Zimmer Cyro device is used during the treatment to reduce discomfort and reduce side-effects. 

Medical oversight is by the clinic director, Dr Robert Berry, 

Special Offer: Buy 4 get 1 Free

To get the special offer, just add 5 or more of the appropriate size tattoo to your basket and the free treatment will be activated automatically. If 10 sessions are ordered, 2 will be free of charge. Free treatments are non-transferrable. There is no expiry date for your package. 

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